This Week’s 20 Best Jokes about CNBC Mad Money’s Host Jim Cramer on WallStreetBets

When the retail investors on the popular meme stock subreddit aren’t bashing hedgies or raking in tendies, they’re ripping Jim Cramer a new one

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On his CNBC stock market investment show Mad Money, former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer advises investors to steer clear of meme stocks. That doesn’t sit well with the “apes” at WallStreetBets who have been championing heavily shorted memes like GameStop (GME) and movie theater chain AMC Entertainment (AMC), giving hedge funds a run for their money, literally. It’s popular among WSB users to make jokes at Cramer’s expense on a regular basis. Here are 20 of this week's best.

1 - Jim Cramer cleans his earbuds with his tongue.

2.Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

2 - Jim Cramer asks for his salad prepared as “well done.”

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

3 - Jim Cramer dries his car with toilet paper.

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

4 - Jim Cramer is the kind of guy who would take your mother out for a nice dinner, and then NEVER call her again!

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

5 - Jim Cramer has a kitten phobia

Photo by Kazuky Akayashi on Unsplash

6 - Jim Cramer eats Cheerios with pickle juice

Photo by Denise Shelton

7 - Jim Cramer wipes back to front.

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

8 - Jim Cramer likes when his toast falls butter side down.

Photo by Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash

9 - Jim Cramer wears Crocs during sex.

Source: Josie Lavigne on Twitter

10 - Jim Cramer wears plaid with stripes.

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11 - Jim Cramer starts small talk at the urinal.

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12 - Jim Cramer’s favorite muppet is Beauregard.


13 - Jim Cramer gives out raisins at Halloween.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

14 - Jim Cramer only eats the heads of animal crackers.


15 - Jim Cramer says, "M'Lady" when he opens the door for a woman.


16- Jim Cramer wears crew socks with Birkenstocks.


17- Jim Cramer wears an undershirt.


18 - Jim Cramer has eye-lashes on his convertible VW beetle.


19 - Jim Cramer likes wet socks.

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

20 - Jim Cramer pretends to pass out at parties hoping someone will draw dicks on his face.

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