The minimum wage in the US can vary from place to place. In San Francisco, it’s $15.59 an hour. In New York City, it’s $15.00 an hour. In Chicago, it’s $13.50 an hour. In St. Louis, it’s $9.45. Certain states and cities have their own minimum wage which is higher than the federal level of $7.25. It can also depend on the size of the company. For workers who earn tips, it’s more complicated. The employer can pay them less than minimum wage as long as that plus tips equals the federal minimum. There is a lot of abuse in this area, though, and many tipped employees end up earning less than they are supposed to. The bottom line is that no one in the US can support a family on federal minimum wage, and in some places, they can’t even support themselves. This is why 52% of adults under 30 in the US live with their parents.

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