The Big Con

Everybody’s selling something

Denise Shelton


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It's a con man's world and we're the marks,
The patsys, the suckers, the rubes,
They grab our attention, it's not very tough,
We crave the suspension of real life (it's rough!) as our country swirls down through the tubes.

From the top to the bottom, the left to the right, the high to the low, we're the devil's delight,
This pill will cure you, this cream will grow hair, this guy will save you, so please, don't despair!

Sign the petitions. call up D.C., support propositions 'cause freedom ain't free, these aps make it easy, hand over your dough, life can be breezy, your wish makes it so.

Believe in yourself, this course shows you how! This book is the answer! There's no time like now! Invest in your future! Your past is the key! You'll find your true purpose and happy you'll be!

What is our purpose?
Why get up each day?
It's to feed the machine
And to do what they say.
Our fear and our anger,
Our hope, our despair,
All fuel to the fire,
The trick's to not care.

©2020, Denise Shelton. All rights reserved.