Thanks, Mollie. My family isn’t as bad as yours, at least I don’t think so! We were also brought up in a conservative Catholic family. I have four sisters. Three of us are definitely voting for Biden. The oldest refuses to discuss politics but I don’t think her husband would ever vote for a Democrat. The second oldest voted for Trump and probably will again. She’s the one who’s the most enthusiastically Catholic. As my grandmother would have said, “She’s holier than the Pope.” She certainly thinks she is. She dislikes Pope Francis intensely. Too radical. With her, I think it’s about abortion. She thinks a vote for Biden would be wrong on that issue alone. This is too true of too many people. I think abortion is wrong too but I’m not willing to risk Democracy over it. Laws aren’t morals and some of our laws are decidedly immoral. The fact that anyone in my family (also from New York although only one of us still lives there) would vote for Trump makes me crazy. I feel your pain.

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