Right on, Louise! The first time I saw a request for me to support a publication I thought they must be joking. Writers provide them with content and, not only are they not willing to personally pay them, they want you to pay for the privilege?” Oh, hell no. I won’t even post product reviews online or answer vendor surveys anymore. Screw them. They’ve got my money and now they want my time? I don’t think so. It’s insulting.

I got something published by The Writing Cooperative and I made more money on a haiku. And some of the rejections are so obnoxious. Oh, they’re not overtly rude but you can smell the superiority coming off the text. “Refer to submission guidelines 8, 12, and 37” each of which is two pages long, so I still don’t have a clue what I did wrong besides submitting to them in the first place. Rant over. That’s better! Thanks. Eat the rich!

I write whatever I want, like poetry The New Yorker wouldn’t dare print. Visit me at denisesheltonwrites.com.

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