Oscar Wilde’s Ghost Wrote Me the Most Encouraging Letter

This AI stuff is blowing my mind

Denise Shelton
3 min readApr 1


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I’ve been feeling a bit low lately. I’m turning 65 this year and wondering if I will ever accomplish anything significant with my writing.

At one time, I was a “top writer” in four categories on Medium and a solid member of the $100 Club. I earned several thousand dollars a year on this platform for two years running. Last year, I made less than a thousand.

Today, on the last day of March, I’m hovering just south of $10 for the month. January’s earnings were $14.69, and in February, I made a dismal $8.67. At this rate, I’ll be lucky to hit $100 for 2023.

Then I read the following story by Linda Caroll:

If you don’t already follow Linda, you should. Her stuff is insightful, entertaining, and useful. She has a weekly Substack newsletter, too.

Anyway, when I saw that there was an app that used the collected works of famous authors to enable users to have them “ghostwrite” stuff for you, I got an idea.

I prompted one of my favorite authors, Oscar Wilde, to write me a letter of encouragement. Here’s what I got. (I prettied it up a bit for maximum effect):

My Dear Denise,

It is with great sadness that I observe your plight and the loss of your sense of self-worth. But as one who has also had my share of bumps in life’s road, I believe that not only can you recover from this sense of failure, but you must!

I have often thought about what it means to be a success. Is it mastering the art of the perfect word? Reaching the highest heights in our profession? Or simply carving out a space for yourself within a larger community?



Denise Shelton