My Husband Sent Me Two Dozen Roses for Mother’s Day and, Boy, Am I Pissed

Denise Shelton
6 min readMay 6, 2021

Mr. Over-do-it overdoes it again

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My husband likes to spend money. Throughout our marriage, it’s been a constant tug-of-war: he periodically blows the ready like a Kardashian at Fashion Week, and I have to figure out how to pay for everything. It’s not fun.

When I got home from getting my car repaired this morning, a large box from “Rosefarmers” was on the doorstep. At first, I thought he bought me a rosebush, which wouldn’t be so bad. After the initial outlay, I’d get free roses for years. But, no such luck.

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He bought me a dozen red and a dozen white long-stemmed roses and a polished tin container to put them in. We don’t own a vase big enough for something like this, and we own a lot of vases. After a few days, these roses will reside in the compost heap, and I’ll have a polished tin container. Whee!

Out of curiosity, I went to the Rosegrowers website and looked up how much this extravagant gesture cost him. As it turns out, it was less than I imagined. (He got a Mother’s Day discount.) But that’s not the point.

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The point is that we have to cut back on our expenditures, and two dozen roses are something I neither need nor want.

My parents were florists. I associate roses with bridezillas, funerals, and working weekends.

We recently returned a leased car, and I was doing my happy dance over the fact that we no longer had to meet that monthly car payment. The fact that we had to pay a $350 “turn-in fee” plus tax was quite the buzzkill, as was the news from our CPA that we owe $2,775 in income taxes. Naturally, that doesn’t include the fee he charges for doing our taxes, but that I expected.

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Denise Shelton