It really is astonishing. Believe it or not, the most vicious online attack I ever got was on a FB fan page for the TV show Outlander. I said I thought one of the minor characters (who happened to be a child) was miscast. In the book, the character is much more spirited and engaging. I didn’t blame the actor and said it might have been the choice of the producers to play it that way. OMG. Several people lost their minds. I was accused of having no heart and hating children. This one woman would not let it go. She was eventually scolded by the page administrator but I had to drop out. There are a lot of angry, bored people out there. It can be any subject, any issue at all. There will always be people just itching to crap all over anyone who disagrees with them. Block, block, and block!

I write whatever I want, like poetry The New Yorker wouldn’t dare print. Visit me at

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