Be of good cheer, Sherry. Your screenplay story is typical. I watch a lot of celebrity interviews. It took Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews 10 years for SOB to get from script to screen, despite the pair's enormous clout and sensational track record. Craig Borton wrote Dallas Buyer's Club in 1992. The film was released in 2013 after 9 rewrites and three directors. Deadpool was in Development Hell for over 15 years. I know this won't cheer you up. (Will we even be alive in 15 years?) Still, I want you to know you're in good company. My two screenplays, one a western, the other set in A.D. 50 are so unlikely to land a deal let alone actually get made it isn't even funny. Have you tried pitching folks like Netflix, HBO, and other cable groups that are making their own movies now? They say there a lot more opportunities there.

I write whatever I want, like poetry The New Yorker wouldn’t dare print. Visit me at

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