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Residents and former residents of Florida share a dose of reality

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Forget those “Top Ten Places to Retire” lists. Although they all claim to use “advanced methodology” to determine their ratings, you find that they’re far from scientific when you dig deep.

One list I saw was compiled by asking seniors which state was best for retirement. …

Horror stories abound about this test, and for excellent reasons

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Among the many indignities that accompany the privilege of growing older is developing conditions that require invasive tests and procedures. In the lottery of life, one of my prizes is a hiatal hernia. I defer to the world-famous Mayo Clinic to explain what that is:

“Your diaphragm has a small…

The Authentic Eclectic

It's all fun and games until the money starts rolling in

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Note: The author of this article is not a tax professional. The following information is based on personal experience and research. No matter where in the world you live, always consult the tax laws and an income tax professional before reporting your income. Tax laws are complex and situations vary.

The Authentic Eclectic

Helpless and hopeless never got anybody a date on Saturday night

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Billionaires are the Great Satan! This administration is either incompetent or corrupt or both! People are binging on hate and voting against their best interests!

So who’s ruining the country? Is it evangelical Christians, communists, socialists, police officers, white supremacists, transphobics, atheists, vegetarians, or schoolteachers? …

Knowing what to expect when a loved one is dying is an essential step toward acceptance

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“Mrs. Rapp was here today.”

As my mother-in-law, Helen lingered in the place between life and death; she began to experience extraordinary visions. Sometimes it was a visit from someone in her past, in this case, a long-dead former neighbor.

From previous conversations, I knew that Mrs. Rapp was a…

The 1970s and 1980s were a golden era for comedy. Comedians were kings, not just jesters. Every town beyond a certain size had a comedy club and it was packed…

Denise Shelton

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