You’re always doing something, but is it what you should be doing?

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Writers throughout the ages have had side hustles. Shakespeare acted and managed a theater. Arthur Conan Doyle was a surgeon. John Grisham was a lawyer who also served a term in the House of Representatives. Emily Dickenson was a recluse. Okay, that’s not exactly a job, but you get where I’m going.

Writing, particularly creative writing, as I’m sure most of you are aware, rarely generates enough income to pay the bills. So, many writers look for additional sources of income. There’s nothing wrong with that. For some, it’s an absolute necessity. For others, however, it’s something else. How do…


Who better to use than a muse?

The Kiss of the Muse by Paul Cezanne, 1860, Musee d’Orsay, Paris (public domain)

I saw this ad on Craigslist

Writer Seeks Female Muse

I am a very talented writer that hasn't sold anything yet. I will show you several samples of my writings at the first meeting for you to judge for yourself. I have recently gone into a rough patch and am seeking inspiration. I am seeking a cute woman 25 to 35 who is very intelligent and has a great sense of humor. Each meeting I will show you new writings and you will provide feedback. I will also ask questions about how a woman would answer a question or react in a certain situation. An acting…


Best-selling mystery writers have penned some killer holiday stories

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Just as popular singers give their sales a boost by recording Christmas songs and albums, many best-selling authors do the same by using Christmas settings and themes in some of their novels and short stories. The cozy mystery genre has countless examples of these. Cozies go with Christmas like raindrops on roses, and many mystery readers look forward to these releases each year.

But beware! Not all Christmas cozies are created equal. Some of them are so bad that their authors should…


Nearly every girl on the cusp of womanhood imagines herself to be special. Whether it’s a fairy bloodline, or a mortal gift that’s hers alone, her dreams are deceptions…

A lot of what passes for fearlessness is formulaic falsification

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We all fall for it. That’s why it works so well. Drawn in by a provocative headline, we read on discovering a voice in the wired wilderness that speaks to us of universal frailty, suffering, and resilience.

Here is a soul sharing their most personal and profound truths to uplift and inspire readers worldwide. How generous they are! How fearless! How self-sacrificing! How abominably full of shit. Did it never occur to you that some of these people are pitching fairy tales dressed up as personal experience because that’s what sells? Well, it’s certainly occurred to me.

Too much of a bad thing


When the retail investors on the popular meme stock subreddit aren’t bashing hedgies or raking in tendies, they’re ripping Jim Cramer a new one

Source: CNBC.com via Wikipedia

On his CNBC stock market investment show Mad Money, former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer advises investors to steer clear of meme stocks. That doesn’t sit well with the “apes” at WallStreetBets who have been championing heavily shorted memes like GameStop (GME) and movie theater chain AMC Entertainment (AMC), giving hedge funds a run for their money, literally. It’s popular among WSB users to make jokes at Cramer’s expense on a regular basis. Here are 20 of this week's best.

1 - Jim Cramer cleans his earbuds with his tongue.

Social Media

Retail investors on the subreddit group helped raise over $265k in online contributions to support wildlife conservation

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On a typical weekend, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund can expect about 20 people to symbolically adopt a gorilla to support their program to protect the great apes in their natural habitat. The minimum donation for this is $60. But this past weekend, they were in for a surprise.

After the stock market’s closing bell on Friday, members of the Reddit investing group WallStreetBets (WSB)(with time on their hands since the market was closed) began adopting gorillas through the non-profit’s website. By Saturday night, the group had raised over $70,000 for the non-profit, and the fund’s CEO and chief scientific…


Beneath this planet of toxic masculinity, political incorrectness, and scatological humor is a surprising core of human decency

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Please note: Denise Shelton is not a professional financial advisor. Nothing in this story should, in any way, be taken as investment advice. Please consult a professional before investing in the stock market.

Anyone watching the stock market lately knows that a Reddit subgroup for retail investors called r/wallstreetbets (WSB) is raising a rumpus with Wall Street’s big fish. Most notably, group members have banded together to promote heavily shorted “meme” stocks like GameStop ($GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings ($AMC) to thwart the hedge funds betting against them.

David vs. Goliath

Estimates show that activity related to the popular investing subreddit resulted in…


In honor of International Women’s Day

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A woman is everything and nothing
She's pink feathers and severed breasts
She's a victor and a victim
She is born or made, shaped and shaded by herself and others
But always, in the end, her own creation

She emerges from a womb, a shell, a closet She can invent herself or invent excuses But the truth of her resides in the secret moments The sighs, cries, and whispers, mumbles, groans, and the silent screams she keeps inside The frustration, the longing, the rage, the still-beating broken heart, the triumphant grin, the single slip of a teardrop on cement Promises…

Denise Shelton

I write whatever I want, like poetry The New Yorker wouldn’t dare print. Visit me at denisesheltonwrites.com.

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