May 8

A poem for Mother’s Day

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash

Motherhood is messy

First, your body

Then, your home

Your life

Your feelings

And, when your child is grown,

Your memories

Whether we fight the chaos

Or embrace it

It follows us to the grave

So to all the mothers

Be still and know

It’s worth it

Because the only…



Mar 21

A poem for World Poetry Day

Photo by Denise Shelton

It takes faith to plant a seed
In the ground
The mind
The womb
With expectation
Sowers, take care
Each seed is a promise
To heal
To harm
To transform
Even careful gardeners
Make mistakes
Flowers can kill
Weeds nourish
Nurture nature if you dare
But expect surprises
From the land
The sky
The seed itself
Faith only goes so far…